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These are the Guild Rules. Be sure to read them before applying. They are simple and easy to follow, failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

1.We are an RP guild, That means we focus on Roleplaying.. We have an OOC (out of character) forum AND chat channel you can talk in if you wish. The OOC channel is EnlightendOOC password : oldgods

2. When in Guild chat /g you are to be in character at all times.

3. Please keep guild chat, ooc channel, and vent raid channels free of profanity. Many of us have families who are sometimes in the same room.Be respectful of that. Racism, sexism, overtly sexual commentary are also strictly prohibited. Act like you're a mature adult. If you can't handle this, there are plenty of guilds that allow members with your level of personal development.

4. Harassment.. this is a simple one.. dont bug people, dont yell at them, if you dont agree with something they say or think either :

a. Ignore it, its their opinion, you have your own if you want yours respected, respect everyone elses
b. Take a mature approach and say something to them off to the side, via whisper
c. Bring it up with an Officer if you feel its a problem

If someone is harassing you , bring it up to an officer, give us a description of what happend and who, we will try to get both sides
of the story and handle it in a fair manner.

5. All Members should also have the same civility toward other non-guild members, unless of course they are worthy of your contempt.

6. We are in this together so cooperate with each other, help each other. Its what we are here for, and dont hesitate to ask for help.

7.The officers are running the show and, in the end, final decisions rests with the GM. Please understand that we spend our time working for you. Please don't make this unfun for us by showing disrespect, because it's unlikely to be tolerated. Individual players can be replaced easily. A stable guild management cannot be.

8. We understand that each and every member of our guild have lives outside of WoW. If you have other priorities that will keep you from joining us on our events, please let an officer know in-game or on our forums. Going MIA for an extended period is a good way to find yourself not invited to events.